March 2019
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Redefining Governance Structure and Delivery Model through CSC

Redefining Governance Structure and Delivery Model through CSC: A Unique Initiative in India

By Dr. Dinesh K. Tyagi, CEO-CSC SPV

Dr. Dinesh K. Tyagi, CEO-CSC SPV

The Government of India has recently announced two new schemes – PM KisanSamman and Prime Minister Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan (PMSYM). Both these schemes have opened up new business opportunities for CSCs across the country. Beside this, an announcement has been made for promoting one lakh digital villages across the country.

Under the PM KisanSamman scheme, the Government will transfer funds to the account of eligible farmers at the rate of Rs. 6000 for one year. Already the first instalment of Rs. 2000 has been transferred to the account of two crore farmers. These accounts are Aadhaar seeded. Around 12 crore farmers will get benefitted under this scheme. VLE through Digi Pay can enable the farmers to withdraw the amount as and when required. The Digi Pay service  is unique and only available to CSC so that a customer of any bank can withdraw funds. CSC VLE should contact the farmers and support them in the process of withdrawal of funds . This will create a huge business opportunity and a customer base of more than 12 crore for the CSCs which can be supported for availing other schemes of Government of India and states.

The PMSYM is a unique scheme – very well designed, simple  in implementation and there is hardly any risk with the subscriber. Around 40 crore workers in the country can be covered under the scheme. The scheme is being implemented only through the CSCs. Thus CSCs across the country can aid the enrolment of 40 crore citizens under the scheme. Apart from generating income, this will also create a wider acceptance of CSC within the community and other Government agencies. Many CSCs have started PMSYM enrolment and others are in the process. CSCs can also enrol people working in her/his center under the scheme. If every CSC delivers this service, in future many such large social initiatives of central and State government will be implemented through CSCs. Helping the poor to avail this scheme will be a blessing – an opportunity for rare social service. All CSCs will actively participating in this unique initiative of the Government and start PMSYM enrolment.

CSCs are also actively participating in Ayushman Bharat Scheme-PMJAY. CSCs in 14 states so far has enrolled more than 2 Crore beneficiaries under Ayushman Bharat scheme. With the recent approval for PMJAY from Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, CSCs should support enrolment of about 5 Crore citizens under the scheme. Enabling a poor person/family, to get a health insurance for Rs 5 Lakh, the CSCs contribute in extension of such benefit to the citizen across the country. In total, around 10 Crore families are to be benefitted under PMJAY. CSCs will play a significant role in supporting the communities to avail benefit under the scheme. CSCs in addition will also support the eligible people in identifying the hospitals who can extend such treatment to the PMJAY beneficiaries.

With the three schemes of PMKISAN, PMSYM, Ayushman Bharat being implemented through CSC, it is likely that CSCs would touch the life of almost every citizen through the various services of Government being provided through them

With the three schemes of PMKISAN, PMSYM, Ayushman Bharat being implemented through CSC, it is likely that CSCs would touch the life of almost every citizen through the various services of Government being provided through them. CSCs as rural enterprise being operate and managed by local entrepreneur, being assigned such opportunity by the Government, both at the centre and state level, perhaps a unique model across the world. There are opportunities for other countries to study the CSC ecosystem, and design similar model especially in developing and underdeveloped countries to provide access to services to it’s citizens mainly those living in rural and remote locations. This is also a model for appropriate use of technology for empowering communities and promoting employment at local level.

The other opportunity for CSCs is Digital village – Digi Gaon. One lakh CSCs will  get this  opportunity. This will really transform the villages in India as has been established through the existing set-up done so far. The CSC will get transformed to a different level – from a digital access point to Community Empowerment Resource Center which would meet most of the requirements of the citizen and bridge the digital divide. Some of the areas such as agriculture, farm produce processing, local employment enhancement, etc. will redefine the mandate of CSC. Large companies, even in the private sector, will use CSC for delivering their products and services to rural markets. Similarly, CSCs can support in enabling sale of Rural Produce including Handicrafts, Handlooms in collaboration with e-commerce service providers and logistics partners.

All these opportunities, of course, bestow added responsibilities on the CSC VLE in terms of accountability and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.

Let us all collectively strive and work hard to avail the benefits of these new opportunities and serve the community at large.