March 2019
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Common Services Centers becoming Digital Education Hubs

By Dr. Dinesh K. Tyagi, CEO-CSC SPV

Dr. Dinesh K. Tyagi, CEO-CSC SPV

Implementation of NDLM, DISHA and PMGDISHA through the Common Services Centers has established CSCs as an effective alternative to promote education, especially in Rural India. Training six crore citizens will incentivize and build the credibility of CSCs in the community to effectively provide access and infrastructure for desired support.

To implement PMGDISHA, CSCs have upgraded their computing infrastructure, enhanced connectivity and employed trained manpower. These are essential requirements for becoming a Digital Education Hub. Besides, there is likely to be footfalls for other schemes – many of the candidates covered under PMGDISHA would be keen on upgrading their skills. For such students, CSC can now offer higher courses like BCC, CCC, etc. These courses have great demand and are almost mandatory for any Government employment.

PMGDISHA Scheme envisages to make six crore persons in rural areas, across States/UTs, digitally literate, reaching to around 40% of rural households by covering one member from every household where there is no digitally literate person. The Scheme is aimed at empowering the citizens in rural areas by training them to operate computer or digital access devices (like tablets, smart phones, etc.), send and receive e-mails, browse Internet, access Government services, search for information, undertake digital payment, etc, and hence enable them to use the Information Technology and related applications, especially Digital Payments, to actively participate in the process of nation building. Till date 2 Crore persons have been registered under PMGDISHA.

A number of candidates may like to improve their skill for getting gainful employment. For such candidates, there are programmes on offer like CAD from Siemens.

Similarly, Tally programme provides tremendous opportunity for the students and others for employment. Animation course and other skill courses like mobile repair, motor mechanic, etc are also very popular.

CSC as a Digital Education Hub will also create a unique space for itself in the community it serves

Many of the candidates may like to pursue higher courses from IGNOU which can be offered by CSC. Students desirous of IIT and Medical exams can also be supported by the CSC through Mock Tests at very nominal cost. Even for those who want to appear for civil services exam, CSC can help them in preliminary exam mock test. Thus today, CSC can help every person meet his specific requirement in furtherance of education and skills, thus enabling the fulfillment of Government’s objective of a digitally inclusive society.

A large section of the population which has not been able to pursue education can be supported through NIOS . Weak students or those who fail can be supported to again get into mainstream of educational framework. Thus a person in rural India can be enabled to access quality content and support as available in urban areas and thus participate actively in nation building.

CSC as a Digital Education Hub will also create a unique space for itself in the community it