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5 Ways to use Healthcare Social Media

Remember to always respond to tweets and retweet any worthwhile information

Remember to always respond to tweets and retweet any worthwhile information

Here are five ways to use social media in healthcare that can help get the word out about healthcare professionals and the services they provide.

Tweet it out. In a fast-paced world, messages of 140 characters or less are well-received. Keep your Twitter account active and relevant by passing on links to interesting journal articles, newsworthy tidbits and “did you know” snippets of health trivia. Remember to always respond to tweets and retweet any worthwhile information.

Tell it on a blog. Blogs that reach a specific target audience and deliver pertinent information can give your personal and professional brand a big boost. Popular health blogs include those that offer new updates on health issues or common-sense solutions to health problems. Capture readers with a mixture of information and humor, the way many anonymous doctors and nurses do on their blogs, and you might see your readership skyrocket.

Make time for Facebook. One of the most popular gathering sites on the Web, a Facebook account is a must for any savvy social media initiative. Facebook can allow you to tap into a ready-made community of individuals who want to learn more about health, medical conditions and new research. Best of all, in-depth conversations can be sparked in the comments section, giving providers and patients a chance to interact in a meaningful way.
Talk it out with podcasts. Not everyone has the time to wade through medical journals or scholarly reports. Podcasts allow you to showcase your knowledge, answer general medical questions and focus on concerns that your target audience wants to learn more about. Podcasts are also a great way to break down complicated information so that anyone can understand it, a move that could make tired and worried minds very grateful.
Pin it. It’s not just a site dedicated to crafts and cute babies. Pinterest is filled with all sorts of helpful things, and one of those is the health and fitness board, complete with inspirational pictures and links to everything from new exercise routines to healthy diets to serious discourse on other health-related issues. (But be warned, busy healthcare professionals: Pinterest can be a delightful time-sucker like no other.)