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World’s first crowdsourced loyalty program launches Beta Site

TORONTO, Dec. 19, 2013:, the world’s first community-driven, crowdsourced loyalty program, with a focus on rewarding its members for their social media influence announced the launch of its beta version website. The company also said its loyalty platform app, available for iPhone and Android through Google Play and the Apple Store, is also available in public beta form.

With the launch of its new beta site, MoPals plans to unveil a modern approach to the multi-billion dollar loyalty market : Generation Y and their unique mobile and tech savvy behavior.

Despite mobile technology changing the consumer experience, the loyalty industry’s marketing efforts remained focused on just rewarding consumers for purchases and are steadfast in tracking consumer behavior with dated plastic loyalty cards in the hopes of retaining and driving customer loyalty.

Wildly popular social media companies continue to attract a younger and increasingly influential customer demographic. Their business models are built around the concept of social sharing such as mobile check-ins, with the motivational incentive being digital badges. MoPals offers a new twist on consumer loyalty, proliferating a holistic and fresh approach by marrying the loyalty platform with the most compelling features of social media, creating the world’s first community-driven, crowdsourced loyalty program. MoPals founder and CEO, Alex Haditaghi said that, “MoPals aims to disrupt loyalty in the start-up community by bringing innovation, transparency, and community to the  industry. Many loyalty programs reward their members for just their purchases, while social media companies focus on rewarding their members with badges which holds no real monetary value.”

MoPals builds on these platforms, providing a fresh approach to loyalty, allowing businesses to incentivize and reward members in four distinct stages:

 Rewards for building the community: Inspired by the success of online crowdsourcing platforms such as KickStarter and Wikipedia, MoPals rewards members when they engage with and help grow the MoPals community. Members can earn MoCoins for referring friends to sign-up, reporting bugs, participating in polls and flagging inappropriate content. 1.0 beta launch, expected to be completed by mid January 2014, introduces a variety of key features:

User and business profile – ability for members and businesses to create a profile that is reflective of their unique individuality and brand personality.

Ability to earn rewards for participating in social media activity and community growth – Community members are able to earn valuable point-based rewards, MoCoins for participating in actions such as: writing reviews, sharing photos of businesses or purchases, pining businesses and by inviting others to join the MoPals network.

MoPals’ Partner Program – Giving members the unique ability to earn $500 when referring a business to join the MoPals network.

MoPals’ MoMarket – Users are able to redeem their MoCoins in the expansive MoMarket.  Over 180 items are currently available: electronics, cameras, laptops, gift cards and more.

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