June 2018
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Stay Fit, Stay Hydrated

If we do not stay hydrated, physical performance can suffer. Our brain is strongly influenced by hydration status. Studies show that even mild dehydration (1-3% of body weight) can impair many aspects of brain function.

‘India’s First Smart Water Bottle’ is a reusable water bottle, which tracks your daily water consumptions in real time through sensors and makes sure you never forgot to drink water when you are running behind your daily water goal.  In an interaction with ICTpost, the lead innovator Peri Garg shares his perspective on this unique innovation. He also throws light upon Start-ups and Digital India mission. Excerpts:

Perry Garg, Co Founder at Qwiklo

Perry Garg, Co Founder at Qwiklo

Please tell us about your organisation and products/services that you offer?
Our company’s only vision is to be biggest IoT company building premium products. We are an early stage startup and currently building a next-generation IoT product called India’s First Smart Water Bottle. Basically, we all know that we should drink 3-4 L water a day but we are not able to make it. This bottle will track your daily water consumptions in real time through sensors and will glow to make sure you never forgot to drink water when you are running behind your daily water goal. It will also remind you to carry it with you if you are forgetting it behind. You will be able to view your detailed graphical reports on your smartphone about your water intakes. This bottle can track your physical activities through your Smart Health trackers like FitBit and can suggest you more precise water goals for your body.

Would you give us an example of what your initiative  is able to accomplish that perhaps others are not?
Let me answer this with a fact, Core reason of 85% diseases is wrong water consumption habits and only 4% people in the world are having right water consumption habits. Currently, even in this innovative era, we don’t have something which can track our water consumption for us and can take care of our water intakes for us. We are first ones to do it in India. To solve this problem, few apps are there but not more than just alarm apps which are really annoying at times.

How do you see start-up ecosystem in our country?
Well, Startup ecosystem is pretty new in our country but it is growing really really fast. Soon, we will be the biggest country with the largest number of start-ups. But the current boom is of software start-ups. I must say, Hardware start-up revolution is yet to come and currently, an ecosystem for hardware start-ups and makers is not there in India.

What are your recommendations to the Government for the successful Digital India mission?
Government is really taking some important steps for start-ups. My only recommendation to Government is to do these things for start-ups in “Start-up way”, I mean, do it really fast and make sure that start-ups can take benefit from it. Govt. should also take some steps for hardware start-ups also.

How do you see the current state and future of Social Media Marketing, both from customers and companies perspectives? What does the future of Social Media Marketing looks like in India?
Well, some time ago, Social media marketing was most under-rated marketing technique in India. But now, there is boom of its presence. Social Media marketing is growing like anything and gradually becoming most promising and efficient way of marketing which is actually good for Digital India.

What are your future plans?
As I told, our vision is to be biggest IoT company, you will soon see many Magical Products coming from is which will disrupt the way people and businesses do things now.