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Nano Ganesh: Wireless solution for irrigation in Indian agriculture

Wireless Automation directly reflects in the saving of water, electricity, time of the operators, unwanted labor loss, fuel and civil structure damages.

Wireless Automation directly reflects in the saving of water, electricity, time of the operators, unwanted labor loss, fuel and civil structure damages


New Delhi: December 20, 2017
There is a routine problems faced by Indian farmers or irrigation operators in operating the pumps viz. fluctuations in power supply, difficult terrain, fear of animals on the way to pumps, hazardous locations of the pumps along rivers or water storage beds, shock hazards, rains etc. . Also, in the rural water supply schemes, there is no proper co-ordination in the water tank and the water source. An irrigation operator needs to be here and there frequently for on/off and monitoring the water levels of the tank. Due to these challenges, they cannot timely switch off the pumps creating a huge loss of water, electricity etc. and creating a biggest problem of soil erosion as well as spilling of water from the tanks. As they have to operate the pumps during the odd hours of any season, they have to stay away from the families during the nights Or, they need a person with a motorcycle with one liter of daily petrol to travel to the pump sites.

There are about 15 millions of water pumps in India only in the agriculture sector. Hence, much energy is wasted in water, electricity, fuel, labor, time& soil erosion.

Nano Ganesh is a Mobile based wireless automation for irrigation systems and water pumps. It allows farmers and irrigation operators to use mobile phones to remotely monitor irrigation systems in hazardous remote areas. A mobile based automation proves to be a low cost wireless solution for irrigation systems saving enormous amount of water, electricity, fuel, time, labor and soil erosion. These savings are quite vital because there are billions of water pumps all over the world.

A water pump is the most essential system for living on this planet which is in reality the blood capillary of the earth. Especially, in the developing countries, there are no automation systems in the rural irrigation sector where pumps are feeding water to all livings. Santosh Ostwal, a CEO of Ossian Agro Automation Pvt. Ltd., an Electrical as well as Electronics Engineering graduate from a farmers family visualized the need of automation in this sector 20 years before, who has been committed to save the huge wasted energy in this sector with the help of Nano Ganesh wireless irrigation automation.

Nano Ganesh is acting as an interface between 3.8 V mobile phone and 3-Phase 415 Volts electric starter. It consists of a DTMF decoder , tone oscillator and power stage along with a sturdy power supply. Using Nano Ganesh connected to the existing starter along with a low cost mobile phone, 1. A famer can switch on / off his pump with a mobile or land line phone from anywhere. 2. He can check an availability of the power supply near the pump end. 3. He can acknowledge the on / off status of the water pump. 4. An operator can receive an sms alarm on his mobile phone as soon as a water tank is full or empty. Nano Ganesh can be directly connected to the existing starter mechanism of an existing electric starter of a water pump.

A Wireless alarm of water levels (GM alarm) consists of a GSM modem built in with a micro controller based design. A GSM modem has been configured as an I/O device which sends SMS to the pre-stored numbers when a particular water tank is full. For every water tank, one water level sensor has been installed in the elevated water tank. The sensor output is fed to the GSM modem unit. GSM unit is either AC power or solar driven. The pre-stored numbers in the GSM modems can be changed either from a mobile phone by authentic engineer or can be changed in factory on PC. Long life. A long life span makes Nano Ganesh a worthwhile investment for the pennywise farmer. It is life-tested in the hazardous areas using specially developed simulation techniques by Ossian Agro Automation. The predicted life-span of the gadget is five years.

In the agriculture sector, water is directly delivered to the farm through pipe lines, drip irrigation sets or sprinklers. Wireless Automation directly reflects in the saving of water, electricity, time of the operators, unwanted labor loss, fuel and civil structure damages. In a mobile based remote control for water pumps, the farmer can monitor and check availability of the power at the pump,switch the pump on/off and acknowledge on/off status of the water pump from any place. One of its kinds, Nano Ganesh is specially designed to be robust to perform efficiently in the rural atmosphere where problems like voltage fluctuations, shock hazards, open wiring and marshy terrain are common.