January 2019
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e-Aushadhi: Healthcare on Fingertips

Dr. Archana Patil Director, Health Services, Government of Maharashtra

Maharashtra empowers its citizens by delivering drugs directly through ‘e-Aushadhi’.

‘e-Aushadhi’ deals with the management of stock of various drugs, sutures and surgical items required by different district drug warehouses.

The main aim of ‘e-Aushadhi’ is to ascertain the needs of various district drug warehouses such that all the required materials/drugs are constantly available to be supplied to the user district drug warehouses without delay. This includes classification/categorization of items, codification of items, quality check of these items, etc and finally issuing drugs to the patients, who is the final consumer in the chain.

Objectives of ‘e-Aushadhi’:

To implement a transparent system for procurement, storage and distribution of quality drugs, supplies, equipments etc. required for the hospitals at reasonable competitive price.

To ensure adequate savings in the drug budget by scientific forecasting system based on the preparation of essential drug list and its actual consumption.

Monitoring the budget and drug consumption pattern by introducing pass book system.

To improve infrastructure of the existing drug ware house in district.

Streamline the Drug warehouse management, quality management, equipment inventory management, equipment complain chain management, equipment auction life cycle, human resource and finance management in an optimized and efficient manner.

Enhance the use of technology as a cost-effective solution to support the OSMC administration’s step towards new direction.

Support the operational and strategic information needs of the OSMC.

Provide an infrastructure for the sharing of information and computer applications throughout the OSMC hierarchy.