June 2018
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Health care delivery via ICT – Where is Bharat on the radar?

Anil Swarup, Coal Secretary , Government of India

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There could be a debate that whether supply side management should be continued or not. My experience in the government is that no one can deny the fact that in the preventive health care, supply side management will play a huge role in India like nation.
In the government functioning, I have learnt that if the idea is good and the scheme is good then there is no dearth of money. The idea should be socially desirable and technologically feasible. In RSBY, initially in the first two years, we faced problems of funding. The key is that how we articulate and implement that idea. We have very strong institutional framework to sustain the pressure from the top most.
ICT has amazing role in health care. Unfortunately, for the use of ICT applications in health care sector, there are sporadic efforts. It needs to be structured. In health care ,in terms of identification, enrollment, data collection, it helps a lot. I have seen that in some of the most sophisticated hospitals in our country there is a lack of proper digital mechanism and they still depend on paper work.
Our Honourable prime minister is very committed for these things. Still, there is a missing point: that is action on the ground.